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Testimony as to Nathan's advise, products & tutorials.

16 Jul 2013
@ 04:20 am (GMT)

Jon Short


Hi Nathan,

I wanted to let you know how gratefull I am to you for your generous help & advise with my Howa 6.5x55 Swed.

Through your website & with the use of your advise, bedding products & shooting tuition I have;

1. Stiffened the Hogue stock fore end.
2. Front & rear bedded the action.
3. Worked over the trigger to remove creep.
4. Lapped the bolt for even lug contact.
5. Polished the barrel to improve the finishing & accuracy potential of it.
6. Learnt best practice to develop an optimum load that groups sub minute of angle.
7. Learnt good prone & bench shooting technique to improve my shot placement in the field.

I have found your help & tuition immensely helpful in developing my Howa into a really nice accurate deer stalking rifle.

I have really enjoyed working through things with you & have learnt a heck of alot.

I was dissappointed to hear on asking, that very few of the subscribers/readers of your site donate to you.

So, to all those people reading this with a conscience, c'mon, do the right thing & donate to Nathan. What he is providing is of huge benefit to us all. The least we can do is flick $50 or more here & there for his time, knoweledge & expertise.

Keep up the good work,

Jon Short
Principal / Designer - Actionplans Ltd


16 Jul 2013
@ 06:12 am (GMT)

Guy Mainland

Re: Testimony as to Nathan's advise, products & tutorials.
I'll second that. If everyone who got a little (or a lot like me) help from Nathan gave a little back, or ordered the book even (I did, good value by the way), I think it would be much fairer on Nathan and his family. You generally get nothing for nothing in this life, except on this website. I haven't found a website more usefull or a guy more willing to help total strangers. Cough it up people! :)
16 Jul 2013
@ 04:20 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Testimony as to Nathan's advise, products & tutorials.
Thank you very much Jon and thank you Guy.

I have cut and pasted the testimony into the bedding compound review section, greatly appreciated thanks.

Now go get some venison!

31 Jul 2013
@ 05:51 am (GMT)

Michael Neeson

Re: Testimony as to Nathan's advise, products & tutorials.
I'll third it. Turned a seemingly daunting bedding and load work up into an enjoyable and interesting process. He didn't give me the answers directly, but pointed me in the specific direction and let me learn it for myself. I sometimes wonder if he was grinning when he replied to my emails. He saved me more money than I know in short cutting my process with accurate information backed up with actual data. Nathan enabled my meager budget to support an excellent, accurate shooting rig with a dynamite load. Thanks heaps Nathan.
31 Jul 2013
@ 04:47 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Testimony as to Nathan's advise, products & tutorials.
Thanks Michael.
23 Oct 2013
@ 03:23 am (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Testimony as to Nathan's advise, products & tutorials.
Update on my Howa 6.5x55.

Both rilfe accuracy & my tecnique has been improving with groups at 1/2 inch/minute @ 100 yds & several shots recently at 1/2 minute at 400 yds.(my first time at that longer range - beginner with that)

Recently I confidently head & neck shot two fallow with 140 Gr SSTs, my own loads. Head shot was 90 yds. Pretty explosive. Humane... ;-)

Basically I have followed Nathan's advise throughout the process of accurising my rifle & with shooting technique & reloading.

I donate every month because his advise has been faultless & extremely helpful. I would not be shooting as accurately & confidently as I am now if I did not follow Nathans advise & have Natahns expertise to call upon.

Really enjoyingthe learning curve & improving my skills & knowledge particularly as I move into shooting longer range accurately.

Thanks very much Nathan, donation on it's way. Keep up he great work.




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