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Tape over the muzle

02 Oct 2018
@ 11:20 pm (GMT)

dennis phillips

Tape over the muzle to stop debries etc from getting in the barell.
Does the bullet peirce the tape or does the tape get blowen off the end by gas pressure? Does it effect accuracy? Did it for years in NZ but only really shot abot 80 metres. Iiving in Australia now and mostly shoot between 140 and 200 metres along Farm fringes. Im going for Sambar 2019
The bush will be steep and quite heavy like home but I may need to shoot ridge to ridge. I always wondered about the tape thing but never tried testing it out.


03 Oct 2018
@ 04:12 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Tape over the muzle
For your reading pleasure:
03 Oct 2018
@ 07:54 pm (GMT)

dennis phillips

Re: Tape over the muzle

Thanks heaps
04 Oct 2018
@ 03:36 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Tape over the muzle
No problem, Dennis. If you happen to have one of the smaller .22s or a .17, could you try a few rounds without tape and a few with and let us know if there is a difference in POI.


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