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Re: TTSX & GMX Style Bullets, and Velocity Increases

29 Sep 2018
@ 05:20 am (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

These are DIRECT QUOTES from the knowledgebase articles on the .308 and .30-06, respectively:

“The Barnes 130 grain TSX is a good all around bullet for game weighing up to 150kg with relative ease - covering a huge cross section of game species. The 130 grain TSX, due to its weight and SD, meets great resistance on impact, resulting in fast killing out to and often beyond 300 yards (2200fps).”


“The Barnes 130 grain TSX is a good all-round bullet for game weighing up to 150kg. It is highly recommended that readers wishing to experiment with the Barnes 30 caliber bullets for use on Deer, experiment with this projectile. Meat damage is as per usual minimal, regardless of violent internal wounding. The TSX really is a good meat retrieval bullet, proving useful in the .30-06 out to ranges of around 400 yards.”

Consider what’s written above in those quotes, consider what’s been observed and noted in this thread by Michael Todd, and then compare that to your broad generalizations about how all homogeneous copper bullets are slow killers.

For fuck’s sake, gentlemen, it’s not very complicated. And to top it all off, nobody has even remotely answered the original question I asked in this thread.


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