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New 6.5mm Cartridge

26 Sep 2018
@ 02:55 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

Anyone tried or seen the latest 6.5 long range cartridge?
The Precision 260 Swedemoor AI?
Would love to hear about it.


26 Sep 2018
@ 05:22 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: New 6.5mm Cartridge
Wow that sounds amazing!!!! bet its good out to 2000yards
26 Sep 2018
@ 08:57 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: New 6.5mm Cartridge
Nah boys! I saws a moving pictures of it
Pin stick holes shotting @ four thousands
Yids ( thats the new mecktrick yard. Google more energies with less bullit)
Any who it was deafnitlee a sick👉five with the breaklencer turned to the end......
27 Sep 2018
@ 03:13 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: New 6.5mm Cartridge
OK, for all you doubters of the wondrous and miraculous 6.5, I've copied a link below that will show to all of you, just how badly the world needs this calibre. You don't have to go any further than the first page/picture that shows up in the link (FB). You will see that even without being stable, if you wear your tactical beard and your hat on backwards, put your bipod on the sandbag on your tripod (does that make it a "hexapod"?), photoshop yourself into a pic of wide open high prairie and shoot across a road, you too can be in the long range "game".

Be aware that following this link may lead to an "Addiction".
27 Sep 2018
@ 01:00 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: New 6.5mm Cartridge
If you have Nathan's book just pick a 6.5 caliber, read about that, and you've got it. If you don't have Nathan's book, then perhaps getting it would be a good idea.
29 Sep 2018
@ 08:52 am (GMT)

Caleb Mayfield

Re: New 6.5mm Cartridge
Is this the new 6.5 flavor of the week? I suppose that as long as one keeps the reality of bullet terminal performance in mind, why not burn some more powder.


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