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Re: NZ South Island Rifle Weight ???

17 Sep 2018
@ 02:36 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Iain, sorry, I couldn't resist giving Warwick a jibe. He is the master stirrer.

Regarding your comment about fibreglas stocks, I had started another thread here somewhere about the B&C that a customer wanted to attach to his metal. It is solid fibreglass and appears to be well made. I was quite surprised though at how easy it was to flex it. Easy may not be the right term, but by simply twisting it in your hands, it did flex. Not a lot, but more than I would have figured to be possible. I understand that stocks aren't designed to withstand rotational torque, and that fibreglass isn't completely rigid, but still. This may be totally irrelevant to how they react in the real world, just something I noticed and may be worth considering. If I finish the job and get to shoot it before you decide, I'll let you know how it handles.


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