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Re: NZ South Island Rifle Weight ???

16 Sep 2018
@ 10:35 pm (GMT)


Thanks for the input folks.

Bob I get that being scrawny doesn't enable me shoot accurately with less weight. The issue for little blokes is always carrying the load. Sort of like a big car versus a little car with a bootful of gear and large passengers. Interesting that your light 308was such a pig. Are you referring to high country Aus.or NZ ? There is a world of difference. Mine (6lbs scoped) is lively but certainly not vicious. I think it has something to do with stock design, and the material from which the stocks are made - definitely something not easy to measure happens with this stuff.

I have also noticed that I haven't had a flood of responses from Kiwis saying that they hunt both sides of the southern Alps with 10 lb rifles, love them, and don't find them the least bit burdensome LOL.

Andrew thank you. I have hunted with blokes of your proportions - a wee bit shorter than me, and a wee bit heavier. That combination cam make for very strong climbers and packers. I'll still wimp out on your 5kg rifle though.

Warwick, I love helicopters, I too used to train by climbing hills with a pack with a few phone books in it. Alas, nowadays, I find I can get the same workout without a pack.

Thomas - I agree broadly. I also agree with your comments on stocks, and one of the decisions that I have not yet made is whether o use a carbon stock, or the heavier fibreglass version of the same stock.
All my other gear is as light as it can safely be, although a bit of a paradox is that over the last couple years, my cold tolerance seesm to have dropped, so I carry a warmer (heavier) sleeping bag and a little more clothing. Swings and roundabouts.

Daniel I hate brakes, but agree that they are wonderful to use (for the shooter) A little bit of catch 22 with slim barrels is, as Nathan pointed out, there may not be sufficient wall thickness to cut a thread without the muzzle swelling. If the barrel is thick enough, it may also be heavy enough that brake may not be needed.

Paul you are a qualified pot stirrer - flatlands ????

Nathan - interesting comments on the stock, and weirdly timely as stock material is my one outstanding decision. Graphite option or the 6 to 8 ounces heavier fibreglass - I'll probably end up tossing a coin on that one and regret the decision whichever way I go.LOL

Where I am at with this is that I think I have been swayed to aim for the upper end of my comfort zone, or around 8.5lbs scoped. I can do this using a barrel approximating Remington magnum contour, but cut at 22/23" which will leave a muzzle of about .660. Rem 700BDL short, 28/30oz stock (if I use graphite), alloy mounts and 21/22oz scope.

I think I would probably be good with a scoped weight of 9lbs, but 8.5 gives me room to move with a change to heavier mounts and heavier scope, should I choose; and still stay under 9lbs.

If I wasn't so keen for this to be useful as a carry rifle and not something that is simply carried to a vantage point, I would happily go a little past 9lbs, but to do so would be rather restrictive for my use.


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