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Re: Sierra 85 gr HPBT Gameking

11 Sep 2018
@ 06:12 pm (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Just a quick follow up on this thread.

I've loaded the 85 gr hpbt with H4350/AR2209 but since I had trouble finding actual hard load data for this powder/bullet combo i loaded only up from 42.0 to 45.0 gr 0.5 gr increments in Winchester 243 brass and with Fed 210M primers.

42.5-43.5 all ran at about 3075 fps and 0.75 MOA accuracy at the same POINT so I'm thinking that was the low accuracy node.

From 44.0, 44.5, 45.0 gr velocity increased to about 3200 fps and groups opened up to about 1.5 MOA and POI Began to wander just a little bit higher and slightly about an inch right. Looking at the targets, accuracy and the brass/primers which looked perfect, I'm thinking that the 45.0 gr load might be just below the higher velocity accuracy load? I think it could be worth loading up to maybe 45.5, 46.0, 46.5 and maybe up to 47.0 gr looking for pressure signs? I think at 3200 fps maybe H4350 should have a bit more velocity to give in the 243 with the Sierra 85 hpbt, I'm thinking 3300 fps maybe doable with this load?

The second part to my question is whether it is even worth chasing that velocity (assuming good accuracy) with this bullet? It is after all a light weight cup and core bullet, perhaps running it up to say 3300 fps would only compromise closer range penetration? I'm pretty happy with the accuracy at well better than MOA and 3075 fps will shoot flat enough to get me out to 300 yards.

I'm just looking for a good load to try out this fall in my Tikka 243, for ordinary deer out to ordinary ranges, perhaps deer to 200 lb and most likely from 50-250 yards out.


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