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Re: .45 ACP Handguns and Whitetails

02 Sep 2018
@ 06:19 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

great conversation and Im going to hi jack thread to ask SIMILAR question...... what about the good old .45 long colt??? looks to have similar figures ,the reason I ask is Im about to embark on a project rifle thats haunted me for years,a .12ga shotgun sleeve full length barrel turned to be snug fit inside the shotgun outer....break open with hammer..... I was thinking .45/70 but doing the chamber to .45long colt will be easier and give me an idea how she going to work out and if needed I can re ream it to .45/70 later on.
I can see this being a fun rifle to plink with or carry for short,sub 50 yard wallabies etc depending on accuracy. its a home turned barrel so NOT going to be suitable for full power loads in the bigger cartridge but would handle cast and black powder/trailboss loads so up to but not over 1800fps maximum.
ok guys hit me with what Ive forgotton


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