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Bedding a Ruger.

10 Jun 2013
@ 01:22 am (GMT)

Bill Goodland

Hi Nathan,
Have you any bedding tips for a M77 II Ruger? My thoughts were to just bed either end of the action plus the first 1 1/2" of the barrel and leave the centre of the action relieved. There just seems to be so many places where the action contacts the stock between the tang and front ring, and to relieve all these areas would be a good idea.

The original bedding was starting to go soft (not sure what it is) and after putting a dial indicator gauge on the barrel and forend I got 1.1mm!!! of movement, when I released the front screw. So I deceided it was time for a re-bed.

The rifle is a .338 Win Mag and groups about 2" to 2 1/2". I can still achieve consistent hits on a gong the size of dinner plate at 300m, but I would like to get it to shoot a whole lot better.

I bought two of your bedding kits after some research, as I also have a Brno Fox 2 in .300 Whisper which needs bedding as well. I'm looking forward to giving the bedding kits a crack and see what improvements come along.

I'll also have a good read of your book and see what I can pick up.



10 Jun 2013
@ 05:40 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bedding a Ruger.
Hi Bill, I have sent you an email with specific tips and instructions.

It is best to bed front and rear, with a blob in the middle if possible, to prevent flexing of the stock or action at the middle screw- a potential problem with three screw rifles.

I have full length bedded M77 rifles- a horrid job.

Ok, hope the bedding job helps shrink groups down.
10 Jun 2013
@ 08:25 pm (GMT)

Bill Goodland

Re: Bedding a Ruger.
Cheers Nathan, thanks for the reply. I will post a report on the outcome and group size when completed.

Thanks again


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