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Sako Factory Ammo

01 Sep 2018
@ 07:55 am (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience good or bad with the Sako factory ammo? I am also wondering about Sako brass quality and whether it could be worth to try the Sako cartridges in my 7mm Rem Mag.

I can get the load with an 11.0 gr hammerhead bullet at 860 m/s. Translated into the Queens English this seems to be a 170 gr bullet at about 2825 fps. The BC is low at 0.407 but it's claimed to be bonded softpoint but no other description is given. I do know those sneaky Finns at Lapua list their Mega bullet as bonded in ad literature. I guess if you consider a heavy cannelure a mechanical bonding then they can get away with that but not we normally consider a bonded bullet.

I can buy a couple boxes and give the load a go on some Mule deer, black bear and moose this season, if it is worthwhile I could buy it and use it to obtain the Sako brass for reloading?

It is priced fairly attractively (assuming the brass is good) a bit cheaper here than other premium factory loads from Federal and the Hornady Superformance stuff.


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