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Tikka T3 plastic 7 Rem Mag

31 Aug 2018
@ 04:41 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Giving my step son one of these. I have broke it in and sighted it in using Nathans Video and got it down to +/- 1 moa with winchester ammo so I think that is where I will stop and give it up to the boy. He will be bush hunting at under 200 yards at this point for sure. I have my own gun to work on...

The one thing left that I think I can take on easily is stabilizing the fore end of that T3. I am not going to bed at this point. I only have two sets of Nathans stuff and not sure I will be getting more so I am not taking that on right now before I give it up for hunting season. The stabilizing part seems easy though. Would doing just that make a noticeable difference? It is even recommended? I seem to remember not but I can't find the reference in the books and I am giving the gun up in the next couple of weeks.

BTW. I took the limbsaver off and I tightened up my groups. Looking back, it felt like having a blob of jello between me and the gun. Just didn't like it. Proper technique as much as I can is doing its job.


31 Aug 2018
@ 11:28 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Tikka T3 plastic 7 Rem Mag
Nice to see somebody else come to the same findings as l did with the Limbsaver pad Rob.
Was mocked for writing the same thing years ago, basically the side-affect of the extra soft pad is uncontrollable recoil.

Nathan offers a caution when using the stab kit without bedding in the Tikka's because the flex in the fore stock is moved to the Ali lug area. Flex & harmonics may cause issues.

After offering this warning I stabilized a friends 308 Varmint with no ill effects (mild recoil energies). Dampened the jump nicely & is a noticeable change.
31 Aug 2018
@ 11:53 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Tikka T3 plastic 7 Rem Mag
Martin, what sort of recoil pads do you run on your bigger rifles?
A hard rubber pad is fine when hunting, you know about it after a range session though particularly if your working on a couple of decent recoilers.
01 Sep 2018
@ 09:41 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Tikka T3 plastic 7 Rem Mag
I posted my opinion on another site and am getting poo poo'd as I write this. Responded to a guy thinking of putting one on a Sako Grey Wolf.

Actually the only bigger caliber gun I've ever shot was three rounds through a .375 H&H and I can see why you might want some kind of pad for practice. Maybe something not so rubbery. Consistent like the old school leather with some even padding inside.

Anyway, its friday afternoon with a beer.




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