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The Knowledgebase

29 Aug 2018
@ 09:15 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hi Everyone!

The Knowledgebase is a great resource!!!

I know we have all read about our favourite cartridge or maybe read about one we are thinking of acquiring in the future. I am sure we have looked at the wound database regarding the bullets we use or maybe thinking of trying. No doubt we have read the bedding instructions over and over and have come back to 'Hold that Forend!' a thousand times...

But can I encourage you to read the entire thing. Or at the very least, read the cartridge family you want to know about. For example. If you wanna read the 308 article, be encouraged to read the entire 30 cal family of articles.

The bigger picture you get from doing this is phenomenal. A true understanding of how bullets perform at various velocity parameters and how your cartridge fits into the spectrum. It gives you a proper understanding of the bore size and its strengths and limitations. And then also how it relates to other bore sizes.

I know the research is done in blocks, or at the very least written in blocks, so it can really pay to read it the same way.

Maybe you have done this already and this is old news. But if you haven't, take the time and do it. It can be extremely therapeutic if nothing else. In a world where everything is screaming for our attention, shutting out distractions and having a good read is a wonderful thing.


29 Aug 2018
@ 11:11 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: The Knowledgebase
Andrew. The Knowledge base is a book in it's own form. I have asked and prodded Nathan to publish it in its raw form as it is. Or as a yearly Almanac so that updates, interesting web posts and Stuff can be included. I guess that the publishing and editing are the constraint. I'd be happy to have every years issue on my book shelf. Instead of Gunzines I'd have the Knowledge base Almanac collection.......


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