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Re: Cartridges for Fast Killing Inside 125 Yards

26 Aug 2018
@ 03:06 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

A couple questions for you guys, though I do think the answers are in the book:

1. Does anyone see major potential problems with going with a stock from Choate that has a full-length aluminum block? I believe the stock is made from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, similar to the Ramline military rifle stocks. At a minimum it could be said to be a solid improvement over the factory Savage stock (not exactly the highest praise :D ) and the particular design I’m looking at doesn’t have any unnecessary bells/whistles, has a wide forend, straight comb, and very little drop at the heel.

2. If I can be sure to keep a light film of oil (Ballistol) on the barrel bore during storage, is it worth the nearly double cost to get a stainless barrel? EABCO offers a 26” Varmint contour barrel in blued steel for a very reasonable price but their barrels are quite highly regarded in terms of accuracy.

The reason I ask is because EABCO can do literally all of the required work to convert the rifle from .243 to .450, put a heavy-duty recoil lug on it, a nice scope base, and put it in a Choate stock, for $600. I would have to spend at least twice that if I sent it to a full-custom maker for the same work and a fiberglass or carbon fiber stock. If I let EABCO do it I can have a complete rifle with a very nice (to me) scope for a maximum of $1,000 total.

I know it’s potentially not very wise to cut costs on what should be a rifle to own for the rest of my life (hopefully about 50+ years), but it would be tremendously helpful to my fairly limited finances if I could simply mail the barreled action to EABCO, wait 6-8 weeks, put a scope on it, and start testing accuracy and hand load performance.

If necessary I could attempt to bed the rifle after it arrives, but I also don’t actually need anything more than about 1.5-2 MOA accuracy. Sure, I would be extremely happy with 0.5 MOA groups, but given the distances I shoot at and the size of the projectile relative to the target, even 2 MOA would be acceptable. If it’s outside of 2 MOA then I’ll have to bed it, as I’m just a bit too perfectionist and I often thread bullets through very narrow openings in branches/brush.

I know Nathan’s book says that guys like me (basically people who have a fairly limited amount of disposable income, I literally wear blue collared shirts at work) should just stay patient and focus on the long-term goal regardless of how long it may take, but letting EABCO do the work would just be so much simpler and so much less expensive.

What do you guys think??

Thanks. And Warwick, those Mauser builds are freakin sweet. Another interesting cartridge along the same lines of my plan is the .458x2” American, which I believe was invented by Fred Barnes. Just a .458 Win. Mag. cut down to 2” to work through a short action bolt gun. This .450 Marlin build is very very similar.


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