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Great News for .357 Non-Handloaders

20 Aug 2018
@ 12:56 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

There is finally a great .357 Mag. deer hunting round available for non-reloaders living in North America. It’s a carbon copy of Nathan’s recommendation of the 180 grain XTP at max velocity:

I’ve currently got my grandpa set up with Hornady Custom 158 grain XTP’s and a compact red dot on his Henry .357 rifle, but I may order a couple boxes of these for him in order to make sure that the odds of having any significant issues with penetration are mitigated.


21 Aug 2018
@ 10:32 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Great News for .357 Non-Handloaders
Heck that is a potent factory load Ryan. Yes, certainly worth experimenting with. It should have the juice.
21 Aug 2018
@ 12:43 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: Great News for .357 Non-Handloaders
Yeah dude, Tim Sundles doesn’t mess around. His .38 Special hard cast wadcutter is my preferred round for all possible uses of that cartridge. Great for everything from self-defense to small game to a finishing shot on big game.

I’ll order a couple boxes for gramps. Then he can just do his thing without having to worry much about avoiding heavy bones, as I had told him he might with the 158 grain load. This one from Buffalo Bore is a heavier bullet at a higher speed, can’t go wrong with that.
01 Sep 2018
@ 06:39 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: Great News for .357 Non-Handloaders
I got the two boxes of this ammo in the mail today. One thing I immediately noticed was that the roll crimp used is very deep and incredibly even, I might go so far as to say it’s a small work of ballistic art. Very nicely done. As soon as I chronograph this, which should be within a month or so because I’ll need to re-zero gramps’ rifle with this, I’ll post up the average velocity, SD, and ES.

The rifle is a Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine. I set it up for him with a Leupold aluminum rail (made for a Marlin 336) and a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot I had laying around, which he was very impressed with since he’s used iron sights for nearly his entire life. I think it’s a very good setup for him because the rifle is incredibly easy to carry and maneuver from inside his cramped ground blind, and the red dot sight means that cheek weld and general shooting form can be very shoddy but still delivers accurate shots. He semi-jokingly said he might not even use his glasses this year because of the red dot.

The trigger on this rifle does have a slight bit of creep (likely to disappear in short order if gramps actually practiced as much as he should) but the weight is actually not bad at all for this type of gun, likely to be around 4-5 pounds. I think he’ll be quite satisfied with the rifle’s killing performance with this ammo.
13 Oct 2018
@ 01:05 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: Great News for .357 Non-Handloaders
Finally chronographed the Buffalo Bore stuff today, compared it to Hornady’s Custom 158 grain XTP. 5 round groups.:


Avg. - 1,646

S.D. - 16

E.S. - 44

Buffalo Bore:

Avg. - 1,673

S.D. - 14

E.S. - 28

Can’t say I’m quite as impressed by the Buffalo Bore velocities as I thought I would be, I was thinking it’d be closer to 1,750 -1,800, but I still think it’s obviously the better choice for hunting considering it’s a heavier XTP at slightly higher velocity.

Energy figures in foot-pounds at the muzzle and 100 yards:

Hornady - 950 & 642

Buffalo Bore - 1,119 & 786

That’s an energy advantage for the Buffalo Bore of 17.8% and 22.4%, to say nothing of the increased penetration as well.


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