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Re: Some 7mm Rem Mag Questions

11 Aug 2018
@ 09:59 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

1. Hi Luke, I have tried throating the Rem Mag on two different barrels but it does not work so well. The jump is too long for the neck diameter and neck length. Just leave it as it is, it will be just fine. It just needs time. If you really want to ream it, go with the 7mm Practical.

2. Jim Mosely posted this in the LR thread:
180gr ELD-M
RL26 / 67.3 grs
Fed GM210M primers
Rem Brass
Length measure off the ogive / 3.750
.006 off the lands
MV / 3019 fps

You would need to start a lot lower and work up. This may be a fast barrel so don't expect 3019fps, I have seen other Rem Mags go at the same speed as the Practical with H1000 for the same reasons. Barrel dimensions tend to be the key as opposed to powder design as a sole factor.

The Rem cases can be about 2.5gr more in capacity than Hornady so tread carefully. Most Rem mags max right out once they get over 2950fps with a 175-180gr. A few go well at 2925fps, most at 2860fps.


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