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Light for calibre 308 pills

28 May 2013
@ 05:16 am (GMT)

Andy Stewart

Hello Nathan,
Am curious, in the artical on the 308, you refer to the 130 TSX as usefull, have long been using the combination of the 130 TTSX AND 168 Amax as complementry loads, they hold the same windage and I just use the mildots for the Amax based shots. The TTSX is just dynamite on Reds and Tahr out to 300, no bloody tracking anything!(3100fps)

I have recently discovered the 110TTSX also holds the same windage and is real quick out of my rifle, with potential to go faster- am getting 3300fps out of a 20" Remtac and nil standard pressure signs with sub 0.5 at 100m if I do my bit, with and without the supressor.(H335). If I chase more velocity with this, it will scare my long barreled 2506!

Perhaps you have tested them since writing that artical?, would be inerested in your opinion on them.


28 May 2013
@ 07:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Light for calibre 308 pills
Unfortunately, I have yet to test these bullets. I would be very grateful for any autopsy photos you get!

Based on my experience with Barnes 130 grain bullets, I have found that the faster a Barnes bullet is driven, the better. Also, a reduction in SD can be utilized as a means of maximising energy transfer. The higher the SD, the more prone the bullet is to cleave to its energy after impact which in real world terms, tends to reduce the fast killing range of the bullet.

The below is offered as unqualified (untested) theory:

After impact, your 110 grain bullet will have the same retained bullet weight as a 165 grain bonded bullet. But at the same time, via its bullet weight to game weight ratio combined with high velocity, "should" display much faster killing at all ranges. You may be able to push the fast killing range of this bullet out to 2200fps or somewhere around 350 yards, without sacrificing penetration in comparison to a heavier premium bullet. I would call this a win win for sure.



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