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Re: New Schultz and Larsen Rifles

30 Jul 2018
@ 04:55 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi Luke
as soon as you see this "the three lug low lift bolt locks solidly into the barrel"
it sends alarm bells ringing.
you got to stop and think if the locks lugs aren't locking squarely then i will have to lap them and then that means every barrel will have to be lapped in, you can't really true the action either.
you can also see that it's a switch barrel action using a c clamp style system.
there no room to bed the whole clamp as the magazine is hard up against it and the tiny recoil lug they have will keep you up at night if you even think about trying to bed it.

if you have a look at sauer rifles you'll see the 100 has a washer style locking lug rebate (same as lithgow) and threaded barrel, this model was aimed at the american market at a guess.
the 101 is more of europe design with friction fit or pinned barrel with locking lugs locking into the barrel.
the 100 would be a better buy, also comes in 6.5prc which is interesting.

the bergara that are available in europe is probably one of the best buys being a remington foot print, i think sabatti is as well but wasn't impressed with the machining of them.
some days its hard not to miss the parker hale/bsa days when you see whats around now


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