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Re: Cartridges for Fast Killing Inside 125 Yards

29 Jul 2018
@ 09:29 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Yes, anyone hoping on this thread might wonder what the heck is going on, a .375" for deer? But we have our freedom of choice and again this thread is about curiosity. Those with an open mind will understand all sides of any arguments here.

As a heads up, I have updated the Whelen page this morning, just a small update at the bottom, introducing the Hawk bullets along with notes on the bullet jackets. I have no experience with these projectiles yet, all current feedback is reliant on the couple of readers who have been sending me mail.

I very much hope to obtain the Hawk in due course but with the cost of our research (horrendous shopping bills as forum member and retail operator Dan Keene might attest to), this will have to wait for a bit. In the mean time, I feel it is important that the bullets get a mention otherwise it is a bit unfair to the bullet maker going to such great efforts, only to have me state that there are few soft bullets anymore.


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