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Re: Cartridges for Fast Killing Inside 125 Yards

27 Jul 2018
@ 06:43 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Hi Ryan
i have been reading this thread progress with interest.
at first i did think the humble 270 would excel, i use one as a general hack and have found both 150gr interlocks and partitions handloads can give you a real wow factor.
i use to use hornady 130gr whitetail interlock factory loads with success
not sure if its much different to 308 win results though.

anyway after reading that you have been given a 25-06 i had quick google search for prefit 35 whelen barrels for a savage and seems to be plenty of options available if your in the usa, if you decide you want to convert it to ease the boredom.
you can convert it to 7 rem mag to but that requires new bolt head and magazines.
that's the beauty of the savages, i have thought of getting one just to tinker myself.


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