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How to improve the performance of the 9.3x62?

15 May 2013
@ 07:57 pm (GMT)

Chris Taylor

Hi to all I'm on the hunt for some advice to better my 9.3s performance as I really like the old girl.
I recently got a can of Hodgdon superformance and would like to know if its possible to use it in the 9.3?
Any help would be great and happy shooting to all.


15 May 2013
@ 09:23 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: How to improve the performance of the 9.3x62?
Hi Chris, burn rate is the same as H4831sc but bulk density is much higher.

You will not find H4831sc data for the 9.3x62 because it is too slow burning, literally cannot get enough powder in the case to get up to speed/pressures. But with SF powder, you may be able to get results, should be interesting.

Start with max loads as listed for H4350 and work up from there. Don't make up a heap of test loads, simply knock up a handful of loads, see how they go, note what speeds you get, then interpolate where you need to be.

Example, 67 grains SF produced only 2200fps with a 286gr bullet. ball park should be at least 2300fps. Back to reloading bench, add 2 more grains as start load, then work up in half grains for another 2-3 grains. Establish max pressures, back off etc.

Would be nice to pull another 140fps out of the 9.3, a real head turner, especially if loaded with the 225gr RWS KS for medium game.
15 May 2013
@ 09:53 pm (GMT)

Chris Taylor

Re: How to improve the performance of the 9.3x62?
Hi Nathan.
Thank you for such a rapid response, now I'm on the right track am currently down a good chronograph so will let you know how it all go's as soon as I get a new one, you made note of the RWS pills who here in NZ can I contact to get those? I have been working with the 250gr acubond and 2206h to date, but like the sound of the 225 as most game I shoot is around that midsize 80-90kg.
Thanks again and keep up the good work I have learnt allot from your website Regards Chris.
12 Nov 2017
@ 10:21 am (GMT)

Brent Newman

Re: How to improve the performance of the 9.3x62?
Hello Chris,

I was curious if you ever did the superperformance powder test that Nathan suggested for the 9.3x62. Good or bad it would be interesting to know how it turned out.



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