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Burr on new cases & Tikka Bolt extractor removal

01 Jul 2018
@ 11:03 pm (GMT)


I just got a new Lilja barrel put on a Tikka T3 action.

While I was running in the barrel & fire forming new cases I noticed a "cut" in the brass about 2mm long on all my cases from the shoulder down. This never occurred with the Krieger barrel

I assume there is a burr in the chamber but the gunsmith said this can't happen. I have also stuck a borescope & can't see anything out of the ordinary.

He suggested that I remove the extractor & then chamber a new case & see if the issue still occurs, but I just can't remove the extractor on the Tikka bolt. Is there a trick to removing a Tikka extractor.

Any ideas on what could be causing the burr & possible solutions


02 Jul 2018
@ 06:38 am (GMT)

Anders Österberg

Re: Burr on new cases & Tikka Bolt extractor removal
I can't what the extractor have to do with it...

If you have CTR magazine ocr som other steel-lipped magazine , if the scratch comes from the magazine...?

It could also come from the bolt if it have som burr that cut the case when drawing the bolt back over the case-stack when ejecting the shot case..

Or maybe the feedramp...?

To eliminating things I suggests that you do a swift loading from the magazine, and stops just before fully home in battery ,to chek if it's from the magazine/feedramp ...

If nothing from the above...try to just drop a case in the chamber and close the bolt...

If all your cases have the mark already, you can black the area with a black magic markerpen an just use one case for all testing .

02 Jul 2018
@ 09:59 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Burr on new cases & Tikka Bolt extractor removal
Hi Mark, it sounds as though he wants you to check to see if its a sharp lead edge at the chamber. But to check this, the plunger has to be removed, not the ejector. It is the plunger that forces the case off to one side.

The plunger is removed via a pin punch. The ejector is removed by depressing the seen pin with a blade / jewelers screw driver, push the pin back into the bolt body. Realistically, if you have a concern, the smith should be doing these checks for you.
03 Jul 2018
@ 03:06 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Burr on new cases & Tikka Bolt extractor removal
could you use a bolt from a similar Tikka to see where the problem lies?


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