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Near miss Hornady scales

30 Jun 2018
@ 06:52 am (GMT)

Brendon Greig

It pays to keep checking yourself, I were reloading some rounds for my 7mm Rem Mag last night after about ten I noticed the last shell looked a little full so double checked the settings on my new Hornady beam scale and found the main weight had jumped a couple of notches I am picking another 10 grains could cause some fairly serious issues,I think this has happened when I have lifted the tray off and the arm has dropped back down, It also seems to stick a little before it moves when adding powder so i give it a little rock when I think I am getting close to weight No harm done but certainly something to be aware of


30 Jun 2018
@ 08:50 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Near miss Hornady scales
I had issues too until I figured it you can lock the Lee scales, at the 1/10th grain slider.

Had to pull about 12 or so.

I also give the scales a rock to ensure that they are level. I find they can get sticky some times with fine grain adjustments.

That said I recently acquired some sensitive electronic scales I will have a proper try with today.
30 Jun 2018
@ 10:41 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Near miss Hornady scales
makes a $30ish set of lee spoons seem cheap now doesnt it????
I pick spoon nearest to what charge I need,tip into pan and finish off charge with teaspoon trickler..tap tap tap on side of thumb. the lee scales will happily move upwards when trickling in like this,if suspect they locking just give wee nudge with spoon and watch it resettle...good catch it couldve been rather nasty,that said its interesting you CAN fit another 10grns of powder in case...your load must not be anywhere near 90%full case.
Ive got a powder thrower which seldom gets used unless doing 40 or so loads at once,when I do use it,we throw charges directly into cases checking every 10th one (on scales)and visually look down into cases in tray BEFORE seating any projectiles....any variation in powder level in cases shows up pretty well....
hope this gives food for thought.
01 Jul 2018
@ 01:00 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Near miss Hornady scales
I had a similar experience with my RCBS scales the other day. When I lifted the pan off, the 1/10th grain poise got bumped and moved it up 1/10th. Could have been nasty, as I was working above book numbers. Checked my loads going backwards in the block, and found the previous case "overloaded". Lucky, very lucky. Take nothing for granted, pay attention.


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