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The Knowledgebase

25 Jun 2018
@ 04:17 pm (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

This is a quick question for Nathan, I thought I'd post here for general info.

Do you consider the knowledgebase complete now or is there anything more in the medium bores (or big bores) that you were planning on uploading? Or any other articles?

And if I could ask one more question, any hints about anything you got in the works, any new articles, books or video series?




27 Jun 2018
@ 09:40 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The Knowledgebase
Hi Luke, it will never be complete.

I still have to upload my .44 and .45 research for starters. Then I need to go back through and update the KB with new loads. For now, my most recent updates are in the Cartridges book.

We lost a part of this year donating time to research for various organizations which may never see the light of day. What folk think they want versus what they need can be two different things. My patience has certainly worn thin when it comes to educating larger professional bodies.

The website and general research is quite an animal for the two of us. I have been wanting to make a selection of content rich vids based on the book series but these are very time consuming if I am to deliver truly useful info.

For now, I really want to focus on the continuation of the films, moving into shooting technique next.

We certainly have our work cut out for us. It is merely a matter of staying the course, keep doing what we do. But on some days it does seem overwhelming.
21 Jul 2018
@ 06:25 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: The Knowledgebase
Maybe it’s my reading of both. But the knowledge base seems less positive about the 7mm 08 cartridge than the second edition book?

From reading of the second edition the 7mm08 is ahead of the .308 in wind drift and range?

But better choice in ammo for the .308 for sure.

Also it seems most rifle manufacturers only make superlight rifles in 7mm08?
21 Jul 2018
@ 02:39 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: The Knowledgebase
hey bryan, tikka do a 7mm08 in varmint models, they work out pretty good in short action cal's, can imagine they would be nice to shoot.

from what I understand the 7mm bullets seem to have very high bc's which means you can throw a high bc bullet faster then you can with with the 308 which will use either a much heavier bullet to match the bc or much lower bc light bullet to match velocity so the 7mm will win on range.

heaps of bullets available in 7mm!
22 Jul 2018
@ 02:48 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: The Knowledgebase
No 7mm billets in Ireland.

We can’t reload. So have to depend on what factory loads are in stock.

Until about 15 years ago 22 was the largest calibre we were allowed to possess. Due to terrorism in Ireland.
So still 22 Swift and 22-250 are well stocked cali red. But something like a 7mm is exotic.

22 Jul 2018
@ 09:27 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The Knowledgebase
Hi Bryan, the KB talks to the general hunter. The books go further in a more specialized manner. I will never put this info on the KB because if folk try to emulate what I write (effective ranges) without setting up their rifles or themselves as fully explained in the books, results may be poor on game.

When it comes to draconian laws, it can pay to stick with the 30 caliber. Say for example that you cannot get a decent open country bullet, you should at the very least be able to lop the tips off a match 308 round or FMJ load to fully expose the HP.


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