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Help finding casings.

18 Jun 2018
@ 02:36 am (GMT)

Kenneth Kephart

So i'm trying to do some development work on some wildcats.
Planned parent casing is the 425 Westley Richards.
Incredibly expensive and hard to find.
Bertram supposedly make the casing, but having issues attempting to contact them.

Would anybody have other sources for this casing?

Many Thanks!



18 Jun 2018
@ 11:01 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Help finding casings.
Totally dependant on the country of residency.

Where are you?
18 Jun 2018
@ 11:18 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Help finding casings.
HI Kenneth
[email protected]
Is Bertram email address they are good to deal with and slowly setting up a shopping page
I use their brass in my 6.5 rem mag with good results it is thick however so had to neck turn it even though I used factory spec chamber reamer.

Had to Google the 425 looks very interesting kinder like 375 ruger case but with a none magnum rim.
18 Jun 2018
@ 04:24 pm (GMT)

Kenneth Kephart

Re: Help finding casings.
My country of residence is the United States.

Actually looking at the 425 WR casing due to the body diameter of the short magnums (both RSAUM, and WSM 0.544"), but the rim size of 30-06, 308, 7X57 families(0.473")

It had been suggested to me to turn down the 404 Jeffery casing, but i'm thinking that is where others before me have failed. Case elongation at the base.


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