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Visiting NZ with firearms, current laws.

16 Jun 2018
@ 09:07 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Just a quick note for those visiting NZ with firearms, there has been a recent minor law change. It effects planning, nothing more.

Previously, the visitor could apply for a temporary firearms license on arrival in NZ, at the airport police station.

The new law requires the hunter to email their application in advance (at least 1 month). So when visiting NZ, you will need to make sure that your permit to import your rifle and your visitor firearms license paperwork are taken care of well ahead of your visit.

Note that if you are not bringing a firearm into NZ and intend to stay with a hunter and use his or her rifle, you do not need any permits. A rifle can be borrowed provided you remain under that license holder's supervision when using it.

All the best.


22 Jun 2018
@ 01:39 pm (GMT)

John D. Hays

Re: Visiting NZ with firearms, current laws.

May I assume that if you bring a firearm to New Zealand you must also take it out with you when you leave the country? No sell, no trade, etc.?


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