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Re: Zastava M70 bedding - shocked

12 Jun 2018
@ 03:46 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

loving this journey..... having a day off work mid week is fatal,read your last post Mate...headed back to garage with chisel in hand...removed more wood from sides to get rid of polyurathane,got stuck into botoom of cavity too so will be 3-4mm of compound in there now with plenty all around lug to give it some beef. looked in my bits n bobs ice cream container while thinking about the gaping hole in bottom of stock...14mm wide with 6mm rod/headless bolt and what do you know....there is a nice clean champhered pillar bit over 13mm wide with 8mm hole through guts just a wee tad too long for hole through stock......bit of that wonderful plastercine jammed around bottom tying it to lot in mag well and it holds in place perfectly allowing taped headless screw/bolt to slide now Ive got rear/front and middle guided into place
speaking of headless your book you mention winchester has an oddball thread...just so happens so does the brass coated allen key flat headed bolts used in barbeque hardwood frames ...I can hardly believe Ive fluked finding the metal bits needed 3 times in a row as I dont do machanical things very often and sure dont have a lot of stuff to choice from.
thankyou again for taking the time to guide me through this.


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