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Re: Zastava M70 bedding - shocked

12 Jun 2018
@ 01:28 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

kit ordered.bolts found in my garage that fit.
more wood removed to ensure decent amount of room for compound to fit.
resealed wood with polyurathane,re read book sections 3 times,re read this thread 3 times (fast reader,slow learner) action has been in and out of stock so many times its getting dizzy but Im finnally happy with fit and height.... doubled layer of card at barrel channel end and single piece of webbing in channel itself keep it spot on...plastercine dams in place....
now ???? do I need to put front headless scew in at all?????
it will only be located by plastacine dam as has 1/4" clearance all around it in the stock itself (filled with plastacine) the bottom of recoil lug and the 2mm high round piece of it that contains start of bolt hole will be sunk into this plastercene dam when action is set down in place. the action is located in place by rear headless bolt and barrel channel..... is it needed or just a complication??? without it I wont need drinking straws as compound wont have anywhere to go.....
also as bedding compound isnt needed under the recoil lug I guess I wont need to get too carried away carving under where it previously sat??? currently have small 2mm sliver on each side of pillar hole ...have pig bristles in garage from last pig I shot with this rifle for grins n giggles to add into compound just because I can.

thought to add this query here rather than clog up Nathans email and also it might stay as future aid for slow learners like myself.


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