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Re: Adding weight to a Tikka stock

11 Jun 2018
@ 06:12 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

ok I just have to share this.....
got a very good mate who since I first met him has told tales of his 7mm mag and how he has shot loads of deer and elk with it back in the states etc etc
dig a little deeper and he says it USED TO boot him into next week but a mate fixed that by "leading" it......
well he finnally got it here into Godzone and I got to have a good look at her... older savage with plastic stock (surprisingly rigid) soda straw thin barrel....stops tape measure at silly short length for this cartridge 23" I think it was...did I mention soda straw thin???? took thread protector off my .223 its a 1/2" x20 thread and the plurry thing will just fit over end of barrel STUPIDLY light..... anyway curiosity got better of me so took action out of stock
1st thing noticed was 2x black plastic bags with what feels like foam rubber in barrrel channel (how the heck this got into country past customs I dont know) lifted them out and nearly dropped rifle laughing.... leaded is right,there are sections of wheel weights cut to size of the cavities in the stock,some 3/4" long some 2" long but all cavities are filled.....wanted to take photo but was laughing too much for this.
the recoil lug sits in big cavity but snuggly on rear face up against stock so guess this is why it shoots well........ the butplate came off and sure enough more lead had been inserted and then held in place with expandite foam LOL
contimplating a redneck fix (how much worse can it get?) hot glue the lead in stock and just keep squirting it in and let settle..... yip stock stabalise kit would be ideal but stock good now...rifle just screams for a suppressor but with barrel that thin thread would have to be back from muzzle so allsorts of issues could pop up
a real classic rifle of type you keep mentioning Nathan....silly dumb light... a nice solid stock and say 25-27" mid weight barrel and she be different beast it is I arent in hurry to touch of any rounds anytime soon.


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