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Re: Zastava M70 bedding - shocked

10 Jun 2018
@ 01:16 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

update..... took scope off last night,interesting to say the least,lets just say I used 5mm drill bit in cordless drill and lost a lot of sweat and the scope with rings still attached will be visiting an engineering mate to remove the slogged out allen key heads (before I take to it with angle grinder in frustration) I suspect someone used loctite and didnt use blue 243 stuff......
Ive carefully chiseled away wood from around the front of action and barrel knox which in this case is lovely 2" parrallel section so now have 1.5-2mm gap on both sides and I THINK about same underneath. got out trusty 1/2 round file and took the bog/pooh out of forward barrel channel and it looks as if a thin layer of cardboard(webbing strap too thick) in here will give me a .5-1mm gap between mag box and can set up my plastercine dams using this as height reference. I think this will give me 3-4" of well bedded action and barrel which should firm everthing right up tighter than a tight thing.
rear pillar is bedded in place with araldite and instantly the slop went out of assembled rifle, next job...probably care of engineering mate ... is to find correct threaded headless bolts and order another bedding kit so have enough on hand.


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