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9.3 x 62

22 May 2018
@ 11:01 pm (GMT)

dennis phillips

Still looking for a 9.3 x 62 with a 24 inch barrel. I have tried several times on a couple of used gun websites to purchase a rifle in my price range only to get no reply or to fined it was sold ages ago. European rifles like Verny Carron or similar have ridicules prices I could buy a rifle and pay for a hunting trip for the same money and they still have 22 inch barrels. A guy I know at the range had a 26 inch Lothar Walther barrel put on a Zastava rifle and says he can get 2600 fps out of Woodleigh 286 gr PP he's got some good Water Buffalo picks and a Stack of African game photos to prove it's effectiveness. Zastava rifles have a rounded fore end and an agricultural pick handle kind of look I cant get passed. So I have narrowed down to 2 possible choice's buy a Voere with 24 inch barrel and old style Mouser action $1500. Cant fined any decent reviews regarding accuracy, the fore end is the really slim European design I don't much like. Alternatively buy a Parker Hale 1200 plenty around for $500 - $600 in 3006 or 270 and Lothar Walther barrel for $500 + fitting. I really like the old school Monty Carlo stock with square fore end for off hand shooting and Parker Hale takes me back to the day. advise please is the Voere any good and or is the Parker Hale idea feasible.


23 May 2018
@ 08:33 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 9.3 x 62
Hi Dennis, the short answer- the Bergara B14 is available in Oz, with a 9.3 barrel at 24". The price is also quite good. If you want a 9.3, look no further than this M700 clone.

Regarding the more traditonal rifles, just keep in mind that the monte carlo is designed for open sights. It doesn't matter so much when shooting a .308 or .270, no problems at the bench or when prone using optics. But as you increase power and therefore recoil, the differences become more apparent when using a scope. The perception of recoil can increase significantly, making range sessions less enjoyable. So while the plan may be to use the rifle for offhand shooting, do keep in mind that you need to be able to use it from other positions including when sighting in etc.

Regarding the parker Hale 1200, the mag is around 86mm long which is fine for the 35's and 9.3's. The trigger guard is ali and if the anodizing is chipped and ugly, they tend to clean up by simply sanding and or buffing to white to match the bolt. The trigger unit on these is a bit of a mongrel in that it connects to the tang itself so when bedding, you have to try and bed the trigger in place. The strength of the tang area of the stock is partially compromised by the trigger in that rather than rather than having the tang metal of the action sit 8 to 10mm down into the stock, the tang metal and trigger take up around 50% of the thickness of the wood at the tang (I hope that makes sense). The bolt cycling on the 1200 is sometimes clunky, they do not really feel like a classic, more like a way to try and crawl out of the financial hole of a post war economy. The stock is as you say, a pretty monte carlo but tends to be subtle in execution. Some are now split at the bolt handle cut out or tang. But generally speaking and provided the stock is not split, projects based on the 1200 go well and the rifles are accurate.

Of the Parker Hale rifles, my personal preference is for the safari, the rougher rifle based on reworked M98 actions. having said this, the steel M98 mag box is only 84mm long so it does have its limitations. But for a 9.3 (or Whelen), the action is long enough, though there is a good measure of jump with modern pointed projectiles (fairly normal practice).

Voere make good barrels. The tang is actually not so different to the 1200. I am just not into this modern take on things. I especially do not like the modern websites, instantly repelled when I see some twit barely holding the rifle with his eye socket jammed up close to the pathetic excuse for an overpriced scope or some tactical clown shooting his lego nerf rubbish, dressed up to be dry humped in a freak encounter with a lonely sasquatch.

I also want you to keep in mind that you should be able to obtain the .375 Ruger for not a lot of money. Very soon I will release a full step by step vid for Ruger M77 users.

In any case, the Bergara B14 is there for the taking with plenty of aftermarket M700 stock options.
23 May 2018
@ 10:13 pm (GMT)

dennis phillips

Re: 9.3 x 62
Thanks Nathan I have just been looking at the Hunter and Sporter models on the Bergara website. I can see the importer Herron Security has a Sporter model synthetic stock and a timber model in 9.3 x 62. Do you have any idea what these stocks are like in regards to all the things that matter, bedding, rigidity etc. I doubt there will be on in a shop anywhere in Sydney for me to look at. Seems to be the thing these days only the most common selling rifles are actually in the shops.
24 May 2018
@ 07:04 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 9.3 x 62
Hi Dennis, the plastic stock reminds me a lot of the Ramlines that were popular for a time on the swedes and M98's (not the monte carlo glass stocks that were floating around in Australia). If you have handled the Ramline, you will have the jist, fairly stout compared to others.

The timber stock proprotions are similar to the traditional Rem BDL stock, the plastic stock is similar in shape to the Ruger M77 traditional stock.

The action can be bedded into the wood or plastic stock or changed out later, bedded into an aftermarket M700 stock.
25 May 2018
@ 07:48 pm (GMT)

dennis phillips

Re: 9.3 x 62
Thanks Nathan I purchased the Sporter (plastic) model today. The guys at Razorback Guns gave me a good deal $1090. $300 - $500 cheaper than the other quotes so I forked out straight away. For any Sydney based hunters it's worth having a look at Razorback. Only a small shop but they give good service the pricing matches any of the bigger shops and they don't mined ordering in stuff you want.
26 May 2018
@ 09:07 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 9.3 x 62
Thats great to hear Dennis, I hope the rifle and cartridge serves you well.
28 May 2018
@ 05:33 am (GMT)

Rafal Pisulski

Re: 9.3 x 62
Nathan, what is your general opinion on bergara b14, barrel quality, trigger, stock, mag lenght etc.? Here in Poland B14 HMR 300 Win mag is same priced as Rem 700 long range and roughly half price of the Sendero. How would you rate price/quality ratio, is Sendero twice as good with its stainless steel and H-S stock? I'm loking for something to explore magnum experience...
28 May 2018
@ 07:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 9.3 x 62
I was expecting Thomas to have a go at this. Hope all is well with you Thomas.

Hi Rafal, from what I have seen of late, more care has been taken with regards to the fit and finish on the Bergara. Accuracy has been good out of the box (around an inch, good potential) but some of our readers have faired better with an aftermarket stock of more heft with regards to precision long range shooting. In the .300WM chambering, the Bergara mag box is still a shade shorter than the M700 and not ideally suited to the most recent LR bullets (applies to hand loaders), the stock has less generous proportions than the M700 LR and Sendero. The M700 is also available in stainless for those who need an all weather rifle. On the other hand, the B14 ridge rifle has nice proportions as a carry rifle. So there are a few pros and cons and alterations of one sort or another may be needed on either brand of rifle depending on how one intends to use it. It is not simply a case of one being better or worse than the other.

As an aside, I am currently working with David Manson to create a superior reamer design to suit the .300 Win Mag. The goal is to tidy up some of the short comings of the original .300 design. It will hopefully suit both factory ammo and modern LR projectiles. A main goal is to improve the OAL's which will hopefully give a better fit in a range of current rifles. But if the magazine is way too short, the throat design should also encourage accuracy with some jump. However, it will not be possible to use this reamer on existing factory rifle barrels as the entire neck / throat geometry is different. The reamer can only be used on new barrels. Ideally, we would like to release three new chamberings / reamers to revive old designs, offering a high degree of inherent accuracy and therefore less finicky performance with factory ammo and land loads. This project will take some time to complete as we work through the math and various issues. For example, one of our main goals is to shorten the .300 Win Mag OAL's slightly (to suit various mag boxes), but without raising factory ammo pressures or causing reduced velocities with hand loads.
28 May 2018
@ 05:29 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 9.3 x 62
hi guys.
yes all is well Nathan just between the old girl being in pup and me trying to start a business time has been in short supply.
been reading forum but haven't had much time to comment.

start with the note on the 375 ruger, howa does list a two variants (barrel lengths) from memory i would stay away from the mossberg 375 one however.

i have been keeping a close eye on bergara's.
got few friends with different models, ones a 375 h&h (timber) another has a 300 win mag and another one has a bmp in 6.5 creedmoor.
the 375 and win mag shoots as Nathan suggest around 1 inch kinder thing.
them bmp mate uses just for target shooting general plinking, it shoots between .15-.3 constantly with american gunner 140bthp he's getting it for around $90 nzd for 50 rounds.
the hmr is very popular and by all accounts very accurate but you can imagine a 9.25lbs rifle in a mild caliber like 6.5 creedmoor makes things pretty simple, they have just released a 300 win mag version so ill be interested to see how that goes.

be aware there's bergara usa and bergara spain both use spainish barrels but the usa make there own actions.
bergara usa also make a premier series which feature a floating bolt head with a second set of lugs like a savage action.

i think if you have a liking for traditional rifles it would be hard to go past the woodsman specially with 24' barrel in 270 and 30.06
im just waiting for a stainless version then ill probably buy one.

just a note i believe bergara usa custom shop will make 7mm practical's for people using one of Dave Manson reamers if asked.

i have fired one 9.3x62 a nice handy husky, it was hard not to like that rifle well made beautifully smooth.
i see zoli also do make 9.3x62 which is a modern husky 1900 from what they say



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