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Re: A hypothetical

18 May 2018
@ 02:47 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Thanks, Everyone. As always, the feedback here is solid, sensible, and politely communicated. I'm starting to think this is the only courteous place left on the internet.

As you guys point out, the .270 makes sense on several levels and offers great value. Mike and Hamish, I do reload. You guys are right on the money - I'd be getting to know the light bullets for a while as my son grew into the rifle. He likes to shoot now and I sure don't want to ruin it for him. He fired some Trail Boss loads out of my .30-06 last summer and I believe he felt ready to go after a lion.

Martin, after I saw your post I located the older thread about the 35 Sambar. Awesome! There's a grain of disappointment that my idea isn't particularly original, but I'm more gratified to know the idea wasn't completely without merit. Capacity is not a large concern to me but the mag length is - Savage mags seem to have ample space.

All that said, I'm pumping the brakes a touch since I've been told that some recent Savage rifles have serious concerns with rough bores. If my (hypothetical) brother is able to inspect the bore we may move forward.


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