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Swedish Mauser load development

01 May 2013
@ 05:30 am (GMT)

shane beeching

Hi Nathan, i was recently given a 1917 carl gustafs 6.5x55. I was wondering what projectiles and powder you recommend and how much grains to start up with. I only plan to use it on paper and the occasinal rabbit. Thanks Shane


01 May 2013
@ 06:40 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Swedish Mauser load development
Hi Shane, if you are just paper punching / rabbits, basic reloading manual loads will be fine, the reduced velocity will simply minimize wear.

For full house loads employing 140 grain bullets (good bullet weight for your rifle), I start testing at 44.5gr H4350 (ADI 2209) and work up to 46.5 grains.

My rifle has a sweet spot at 47 grains but you must understand that my loads, even my typical start loads are way above manual loads so I cannot condone this practice and cannot recommend my loads as being safe in your rifle. OK, that is my disclaimer.

If you are using open sights, there is a high chance that your rifle will shoot between 6 and 15" high at 100 yards. Downloading won't help much unless you want to use cast bullets and load right down. I guess you could try running a 160 grain round nose bullet down loaded, that may work.

For high shooting military rifles, I tend to muck around with iron sights, using spare iron sights reworked / re-regulated rather than butchering the original sights. Please bear in mind that I have not mucked around much with Swede open sights. On the K98's, I obtain a spare sight ramp, then file down the rear sight and deepen the V notch if the rifle is shooting high. This can occur when the 8x57 rifle is regulated for 200 grain bullets and I am running a duplicate 1905 load using a 150 grain bullet at around 2900fps. I set the rifle to print 3" high at 100 yards. This is a bit too high for rabbits but prevents the trajectory from being handicapped. Hope this paragraph makes sense.
02 May 2013
@ 04:03 pm (GMT)

shane beeching

Re: Swedish Mauser load development
Yep that all makes sense, once up and running ill post some picks.
Thanks Nathen


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