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Sauer 100 XT rifle

04 May 2018
@ 07:00 pm (GMT)

Phil Van Zuylen

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this rifle it has an interesting bedding system on an alloy lug.


08 May 2018
@ 01:59 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sauer 100 XT rifle
Hi Phil, I suggest that you remain wary regarding any of these new modern rifles with tiny flexible forends. This one is doubly hard to bed as the trigger interferes with the tang and is further comprised via the use of washers. Also be wary of any lug system that is fixed within a stock in such a way that it cannot, if such is required, be bedded to fit the action in an exacting manner. Also be wary of all newcomers featuring polymer magazines which are often far too short for hand loads.

The market is such that there are many things we must be mindful of now, depending on how one intends to use the rifle. Budget manufacture has lead to some great innovations, but there are often aspects to the execution of these designs that are less than desirable. To be successful, it pays to have a a clear goal of how you intend to use the rifle, under what conditions and so forth. Make a list of your requirements, then see how the various rifles stack up to this list. The trouble is, if your list is anything like mine, you'll end up building your rifle.
10 May 2018
@ 04:02 pm (GMT)

Phil Van Zuylen

Re: Sauer 100 XT rifle
Thanks Nathan was just tyre kicking really but good info as usual Thanks Phil


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