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Convert .308 to 7.62x54r

27 Apr 2013
@ 03:53 pm (GMT)


Can this conversion be done? More specifically, will a 7.62x54r chamber reamer clean up an existing .308 chamber? I am considering purchasing a single shot rifle but cannot find any in my favorite caliber. I am aware of the differences in bore diameter.

Thank you for your time. :)


27 Apr 2013
@ 05:28 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Convert .308 to 7.62x54r
Hi Mark, it could be done. The greater difficulty is getting the bolt or breech face correctly machined for extraction. This can be a major mission and very costly. The same applies to reworking a modern sporter bolt action to feed 7.62x54R. The wide rim and its saucer shape are challenging.

You would need a strong action, and my preference would be for a level of freebore to ease pressures before the big swage down to .308. You also have to keep in mind that some ammo is steel jacketed and may lose its copper guiding when reduced right down to 30 cal, risking steel on steel. It may not happen, I am just trying to think about all possible variables.

Why not order a Baikal single shot 7.62x54R factory rifle? If you are in New Zealand, I think you may be able to order one through Reloaders Supplies, they had a handful of .30-06 Baikals for a while.
27 Apr 2013
@ 06:02 pm (GMT)

Mark Koba

Re: Convert .308 to 7.62x54r
Thanks for the reply Nathan.

I am in the States and the only rifles that I can find for the cartridge are Mosin Nagants or SVD/PSL of which the latter I cannot find in stock. I am thinking about purchasing a Thompson Encore break action single shot in .308 and having it rechambered. I'm no gunsmith and wanted advice from some one more knowledgeable than me if the conversion is plausible. Thank you so much for your advice. :)


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