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Reloading core-lokt soft point 170 grain at 2600fps

30 Apr 2018
@ 08:27 am (GMT)


I recently received about 500 .30 remington soft point core-lokt 170 grain, designed for the 30-30. The only non magnum .30 calibers I own are 308 and 30-06. I wonder if anybody ever tried reloading one of these calibers with the 170 grain... At 2600 fps, it would be flying 400 fps faster than the speed it was designed for. Logically I presume that over-expansion can be expected, which would limit its use to light and lean animals, under 60kgs. I also presume it would not be suitable for boars at short range?.??


30 Apr 2018
@ 11:09 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Reloading core-lokt soft point 170 grain at 2600fps
Hi there, go for it, these bullets work quite well at 2600fps.

In these situations, age tends to effect the bullet more so that its construction, but even if the projectiles are old, age annealed and powdery, these should be fine for lighter medium game including mid sized boar. Using the .30-30 Corelokt in this manner can be quite enjoyable.

The irony is, when used at 2200fps, wounding is fair but on as soon as the initial velocity falls away or on lean game, the wound channels are expanded caliber in diameter (proportional to the expanded caliber) (about as thick as your index finger). When used at 2600fps, we see disproportionate to caliber wounding (up to 1.5 inches or more in diameter) which is very useful. Then after the initial velocity falls away and we break 2400fps, penetration can be very good. There are not really any disadvantages to using the Core-Lokt in this manner.

All the best.


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