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Bedding a Model 70?

10 Apr 2018
@ 07:32 am (GMT)

Dakota Hunter

I started my attempt at my first bedding job this weekend on a Model 70 300 WSM in a HS Precision Stock. After reading the instructions in the book as well as online and the Youtube videos I have made myself somewhat confused.

Should the parallel side walls of the Winchester (Middle Picture In the Diagram) use insulation tape or just the release agent? The black and white photos in the book are too difficult to discern for the Winchester Model 70 action prep.

Thanks in advance.


10 Apr 2018
@ 07:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bedding a Model 70?
Hi Dakota Hunter. Tape them up, the action will center itself via the rounds. The M70's give a nice fit with this relief.

Tape the sides including the sides of the lug. Also tape the front and underside of the lug. The Howa is similar in this regard.

As an aside and in contrast to this, on the Ruger M77 which has no rounds, it can be best to use release agent only. After bedding, hand relieve as needed, using test shooting results as a guide (e.g looking for double groups etc).
10 Apr 2018
@ 08:15 am (GMT)

Sam Rieffenberger

Re: Bedding a Model 70?
Perfect, Thanks.


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