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Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle

15 Apr 2013
@ 01:57 am (GMT)

trevor savage

im trying to find out as much as possible about the AW sniper rifle. what action was used and how would one go about building one. and yes i have tried google. im looking for the ones used in the NZDF during the year 2002.
any help would be appreciated and what was done to the bolt/ action so that it wouldn't freeze?


15 Apr 2013
@ 06:14 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle
Hi Trevor, AI use their own action. You enquire about building an AI. There is not much point in doing this, even if you could obtain an action on its own. What I am trying to say is that an AI is not put together with separate components, it is a complete rifle system sold by AI. The builds that you often see are AI stocks mated to round type actions such as the M700 and Borden actions.

Anti binding for sub zero climtes is achieved through machining, both in design and tolerances. Other simple factors include high poundage main springs and the avoidance of heavy grease in the bolt body. The Mosin Nagant and M98 are examples of early rifles that delivered sub zero performance through simple attention to conditions.


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