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3006 Sendero

22 Mar 2018
@ 03:16 pm (GMT)

michael lavallee

I received the book set today ,after waiting for 12 very long days

I read Long Range Hunting Rifles cover to cover today.

What caught my eye was the comment in the book on waiting for a3006 sendaro

What is the opinion of the 3006 vs 300 Win in this rifle?

With the recent turmoil at Remington has anyone seen a change in quality?

I have a pre 64 m 70 in 3006 now, and I'm seriously looking at that as a possible LR rifle but I haven't spent much time on the range with it, just a zero and shooting coyotes .

Thanks if this has been asked before, I searched but couldn't see anything specific



22 Mar 2018
@ 04:30 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 3006 Sendero
There is nothing in New Zealand or North America that the .30/06 cannot be use for hunting on. For many who may not have shot a lot, starting with the 30/06 is a good idea as the 300Win Mag can give you enoug recoil that it may not be the easiest to learn to shoot long range with and and in my opinion the good old 30/06 will do fine.
22 Mar 2018
@ 04:40 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: 3006 Sendero
Not much to add to Bryan's comment. Pretty well nailed it. With the new 30 cal Hornady bullets, we can now confidently reach out to the limit of our ability.

Good choice on reading material. You'll do well with them.
23 Mar 2018
@ 02:58 am (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Re: 3006 Sendero
You may be surprised at how well your M70 can shoot. It may need a little work per Nathan's recommendations, and will certainly benefit from a proper trigger adjustment if that's not already done. I suggest working with your current rifle while gaining some experience with the 30-06 especially if you handload for it. After that, you may feel ready to move to the 300 Mag, or decide that the well proven '06 will do what you need. In case you haven't guessed, I'm a 30-06 fan. -Ed
23 Mar 2018
@ 04:07 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: 3006 Sendero
Hello, Michael. Like Ed, I'm one of the devoted 30-06 fans. Remington's choice not to build a 30-06 Sendero was puzzling to me, especially since they did make it in 25-06. It goes to show one of the things Nathan points out, rifle companies don't always do a great job considering what bullets are available for a chambering before they make and market it, or at least they don't seem to. The long range potential of a 30-06 easily surpasses the 25-06, but it seems that the average guy in the market for a rifle just sees that Remington built Senderos in 25-06 and assumes it's a great long range cartridge. It's interesting that the newer, cheaper 700 Long Range model is being chambered in the same rounds as the Sendero, except the 30-06 has replaced the 264 Remington.

I've got a 300 WinMag in the works, but I intend to set it up to do what my 30-06 can't, which is very little. My 30-06 is portable and effective from up close to as far out as I can currently shoot. So the 300 WinMag will be set up specifically to extend my range, set up heavy, and to be shot mostly from the prone position. For my current hunting purposes, the 30-06 and the plethora of bullet options in 30 cal. makes the 300 WinMag unnecessary. My hope is that the 300 WinMag will be fun, help me become a better shooter at long ranges, and be a good tool for a type of hunt I haven't made yet but hope to someday. Your Model 70 sounds like a rifle begging to be fine tuned. Have fun.
23 Mar 2018
@ 08:30 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: 3006 Sendero
Yes a Sendero in 06 would have been a great tool like the guys have already said, truly a versatile all-round cartridge!
A big plus for the 06 over the 300WM is barrel life though if pushing both these cals out long the 300WM running bill pills really comes into its own when combined with good technique.

A 280/AI would have made an excellent Sendero factory chambering over the 25-06 as a non-magnum offering. A solid performing, mild-recoiling slippery 7mm could be great choice for moving into extended range hunting & is well supported by excellent pill options for multi-role use.


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