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Re: Howa 1500 Varmint 300 Win mag

16 Mar 2018
@ 01:09 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Thanks Marty and Nathan,
Marty, do you know if the heavy barrel will go into a "Boyds classic"? I note the thumbhole comes in "featherweight" and "Varmint" and was wondering if there would be an issue with the barrel channel in the classic? I presume you prefer the classic over the thumbhole?

Nathan, I found the thread on extending the magazine of the action and had that at the back of my mind for an upgrade later down the line, but hadn't considered the individual throat cut and how there is little room to move in that regard. So thank you for that heads-up.
I noted the magazine dimension had been milled out, does this mean the ramp would also need reshaping? I presume the mag box was cut and rewelded?


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