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.280 rem

14 Mar 2018
@ 05:42 am (GMT)

Paul Gandy

Hi there Knowledge base .280 7th paragraph Handloading ...just as easy to fireform... Am frustrated trying to find step by step info on .270 to .280 . Does your Handload book book cover this ? Otherwise could you please help. Thanks Paul


14 Mar 2018
@ 07:30 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .280 rem
Hi Paul, you can if you want to, simply neck down .30-06 brass. Neck the brass down bit by bit until it 'just' chambers with light resistance. This will ensure the shoulder is set to the correct position.

If using .270 brass, it can pay to neck it up to .30 cal and then back down again as a way to create a small false shoulder (because the .280 shoulder is further forwards than the .270). Again, once the brass is necked up to .30 cal, neck it back down in steps until the case chambers with a measure of feel.

Generally speaking, it is good to use (buy or borrow) Hornady neck dies for these types of operations, then change to more accurate dies (if need be) for continued reloading (see my reloading book).

A cheat method is to take a .270 case, neck up to 7mm and then wedge fit your projectiles, seating them into the lands. This method can work but there is still a risk of thinning the case at the case head. It is far better to use one of the above two methods as the body lengths differ by over 40 thou (over 1mm).

All the best.



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