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BRNO 601 any good for project?

08 Mar 2018
@ 09:30 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Hi, just recieved from a mate today a Brno 601 in 308win with a stuffed barrel and a few slight surface rust spots over the action, was a victim of a leak in the vicinity of his safe and as a consequence he was going to do a hand in with it, I said hand it to me first! Has one of those straight double set triggers(push forward to engage second hair trigger). Kind of love the feel of the gun and have always loved the idea of a "nice" rifle to take on short local jaunts/dry hut/not roughing out in the weather kind of stints, as opposed to what I'd call a tool, the stainless synthetic rifles I own. Stock would come up perfect with a re finish and action seems fairly tight.
Anyhow it's not like I need another rifle but have always had a curiosity for the .25 souper or even a .250 Humdinger as I feel this calibre would suit my local jaunts very well, and thinking it maybe a great cal for introducing new hunters? being effective on the majority of local game weights, including not to cumbersome in inexperienced hands, recoil withstandible from what I understand is not an ideal high recoil design? secondarily photogenic would be nice.
Anyhow I guess primary question is if this platform is worth the investment? Could I buy a takeoff .25 06 barrel and get it rechambered or are there better options?
Those 110gr ELD-X sure do look nice so looking along those lines and maybe a lighter loading like 75gr v-max.
Any thoughts appreciated.


09 Mar 2018
@ 03:19 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
09 Mar 2018
@ 04:09 pm (GMT)

Jonathan Kitterman

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
I would start with a new barrel unless you know the take off is good.
A .25-06 would have to be set back at least a half an inch from comparing .308 and the .25-06 chamber drawings. I don't know if you would want the barrel contour to match the stock or not.

What does Nathan's books say on those actions?

I would expect the procedure would be close to the following article on a Winchester model 70 rebarrelled with a Remington 700 take off barrel.
09 Mar 2018
@ 05:38 pm (GMT)

Riki Waugh

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
hi Hamish FWIW I have just done a 25 Souper on a Ruger mk2 action and it came up a treat, bullet selection is a bit of a worry, I like you was impressed by the ELD-X but couldnt find any I found some 100grn Hornady Sp Interlock but only one box so now have a supply of 110 Hornady Interbond. Now to use these at max magazine length or less I think II have to have it longthroated ? Have only taken a few pigs and goats so far is very accurate and punches way above its weight. good luck
10 Mar 2018
@ 03:04 pm (GMT)

Kenneth Kephart

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
I do not know about the BRNO although i hear they are fine rifles.

Being located in Pennsylvania not far from E.R. Shaw, i would put one of their fine barrels on.

My next rifle build is a 250 Savage.
I also own a Ruger 77 MKII in 257 Roberts.
Also would like to build a 25 Souper myself.

For varmints i use Sierra 90gr. Blitzking with good results out to 500 yards.
For larger game i shoot the 115gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip, and the 115gr. Berger VLD Hunting.

Best of luck to you, and would like to see pictures of the finished rifle.
14 Mar 2018
@ 08:06 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
Hi Hamish, I have owned and used this rifle extensively in the past (.243).

This really is a personal decision and the initial lack of replies here reflect this- the members are being respectful of your choices. Some would simply fit a .308 tube and utilize hand loads to increase its versatility with regards to youth loads etc. Others might like a .243, 25 or .260. Some would prefer a .358. Its really up to you. The .308 case size will limit how much recoil it produces. The barrel contour will also be a determining factor. This is a good action to work with, just stay clear of any vertical split scope rings for this model rifle as the alignment can be hit and miss.
14 Mar 2018
@ 08:44 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
I knew 2 guys with this very rifle in .308,both shot tight wee loved the set trigger and the other hated it one had set trigger the other std curved jobbie so they swapped them over. as said they both shot tiny wee groups.

you say barrel is stuffed......have you given it a really good clean and tried it????
you might be supprised and find it will still do the job you want,cant hurt really can it.
15 Mar 2018
@ 11:11 am (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
Hi all thank you very much for your replies, certainly more to think about before headed off down the rabbit hole.
Nobody has said anything to put me off the quarterbore on this action, I'll admit to just wanting something a bit "different" to the norm and would be guilty of sometimes just not wanting to be mainstream. Your reduced 130gr loads for Riley did not go unoticed Nathan and am fairly covered in a varmint and a sporter contour(still working on getting this one to shoot) in .308 but then I would not have an excuse for a slightly unique "nice" rifle! Will also keep your cautionary words regarding the limitations of the smaller bores at the forefront as we proceed.
Will certainly give the barrel a dose of jb and polypad before I condemn it to the bin! Don't hold your breath on this one guys, will happen as time and toy funds allow but by then maybe we will have some of those ELD-X available!
Now where to start? think I'll be getting out the verniers, what mag length am I going to need to seat 110gr out in .250 Humdinger? Then I think I'll be contacting Nathan re a reamer design for .250 Humdinger to suit those 75-110gr projectiles.(found reference to a Guns and Game article maybe titled "Australias best allrounder?" but no info on dimensions).
16 Mar 2018
@ 04:06 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
Found the source for the original article on .250 Humdinger, just ordered a backissue of 1994 Guns and Game Jan-Mar issue 1 so hopefully it has some dimensions and other tasty info to go into the decision making process.
12 Apr 2018
@ 01:26 am (GMT)

john reid

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
Check out this book: Accurizing The Factory Rifle by M. L. McPherson. It has a lot of very interesting info about single shot rifles. Guaranteed to keep you reading past the midnight hours.
12 Apr 2018
@ 01:33 am (GMT)

john reid

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
Have a look on Australian Hunting Net. Search (June 08, 2010) for 'Brno ZKK 600 Project' or the poster, TilleyMan. There a few pages showing the process of bringing a Brno back to life. Very encouraging stuff if you have a Brno.
26 Apr 2018
@ 04:22 am (GMT)

Gary Myburgh

Re: BRNO 601 any good for project?
Not sure where you live so difficult to advise
Speaking for myself, (and living in South Africa) I would leave it as is unless the barrel is really buggered. If not I would go to 7 x 57, 30-06 or maybe 8mm-06 if that will fit. 9.3 x 62 is also excellent, but possibly not useful where you are.
If you are in NZ then 6.5 x 55 Ackley, 260 Remington etc would be good options.



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