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.264 Win Mag vs. 25-06 in a Sendero platform

04 Mar 2018
@ 06:11 am (GMT)

Adam Kolesar

Hi All,
Just seeking some opinions from those who have experience with one or both of the above calibers.
I've reviewed as many sources (starting with Nathan's texts and knowledge base) as to the efficacy of the .264 and 25-06. The easy part is the choice of Sendero platform. The more challenging question is choice of caliber.
I currently own a .338, .358 and .45-70 so I've got that end of the spectrum covered. I also live in the Northeast of the US, so hunting ranges are fairly modest (under 400 yards). This would be my medium game (whitetail as the upper limit) caliber.
As far as practice, rifle ranges in this part of the world seldom exceed 200 yards.
I hand load and have read the .264 can be a bit of a challenge to load for accuracy. Obviously the .264 is a true long range cartridge with excellent pills with even more excellent BC's. I'm not sure if opportunity in my neck of the woods will ever have me exercising the ballistic advantage offered by the Win mag.
The 25-06 appears to have a ceiling of about 400 yards with carefully selected projectiles.
I think I know the 25-06 is probably what will suit me best, but want to ask the collective if there's something I may have missed.
Thanks in advance.


04 Mar 2018
@ 07:02 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .264 Win Mag vs. 25-06 in a Sendero platform
Hi Adam, you may be missing the Adam factor, the fact that you are very curious about the .264 and may just want to pursue it simply for the experience. So you need to take this on board. Other factors such as powder consumption and efficiency are meaningless in the face of the urge to obtain experience.

You have done the reading, how about walking away from it for a bit and just thinking about what you want to explore at a personal level.

The .25-06 can be equally challenging to load for accuracy if the throat design is not optimal. So please put inherent accuracy to one side. You could have a custom reamer made for either cartridge with minor tweaks to enhance accuracy.
04 Mar 2018
@ 10:52 am (GMT)

Adam Kolesar

Re: .264 Win Mag vs. 25-06 in a Sendero platform
Thanks as always for the insight. I'll see if a bit of distance from my internal debate yields a clear direction.
04 Mar 2018
@ 05:48 pm (GMT)

Trace Jacoby

Re: .264 Win Mag vs. 25-06 in a Sendero platform

I primarily use a 264 win mag for whitetails, my wife uses a 25-06. Mine is a custom rifle built on a Mauser action. (Not built by me, but I am happy to own it). The 25-06 is a stock Ruger mk77. Both are tack drivers with factory ammo or handloads.

Given the choice, I would stick with the 264, hands down. It just has more knockdown power. I am very happy with it. I typically shoot 100-300 yards, 175 being the average. I hunt in Texas, where whitetails are a little smaller (75-90 lbs for does on the hoof).

Don’t get me wrong, I like the 25-06 just fine. It just seems like the 264 performs better when the two are used in similar situations. Good luck, and I doubt you will be disappointed either way you go.



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