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Re: 7mm rem mag to practical

24 Feb 2018
@ 07:09 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Jason, there is a step up in recoil. Felt recoil is fine in a suitable platform such as yours. But the recoil can effect accuracy if one does not pay close attention to technique. Recoil is of course a very subjective issue depending on rifle dimensions (including barrel contour), our health, fitness and methods. I spoke to a lady who used her husband's M700 practical yesterday to drop a porker pig, seemed happy enough with the recoil but it was just one shot. Steph has used my rifle here and there, comes home with a load of meat without complaints but she does talk about the importance of technique when relaying her day in the hills. Her own rifle is a 7mm Rem Mag, a couple of pounds lighter than the Practical which translates into pretty much the same level of recoil.

Like anything, practice is the key. Most folk can get down to 1 MOA, but it takes dedication to get a high recoiler down into the sub half minute region. If you are not getting out much, the Rem Mag can prove easier to work with.

I am not a fan of putting add ons onto the Practical to tame recoil unless the shooter has an injury etc. The risk of a swollen muzzle is just too high (specifically with all of the half inch threaded rubbish floating about). Another forum member is just going through this reality now with his 7mm Practical.

In any case, I think it is worth considering what both Marty and Bryan have said. The Practical really comes into its own way out long (well past 700 yards etc) and with heavy pills. I do however have a feeling that we can expect more heavy offerings from either Hornady or Sierra over the coming years.


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