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Re: 7mm rem mag to practical

23 Feb 2018
@ 06:54 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Jason, my apologies for the late reply, the cyclone knocked out our power and put us behind.

You could if you want to, have your current barrel reamed to 7mm Practical if it can be centered nicely. You would need to price up the cost of reaming, recrowning, new brass and new dies to see how this fits with your budget. But do keep in mind that sometimes, the steel at the chamber can become quite hard. If the reamer is struggling to cut, it can be better to start over with a fresh barrel rather than both chip the reamer and gall the chamber. It can however be worth a try.

There are some good pros and cons within this thread.

There is some inherent accuracy in the Practical design due to the neck and throat dimensions.


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