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Re: muzzel brake or new stock

06 Apr 2013
@ 04:03 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Talk about put me on the spot Warrick.

Just re-reading through your post (woods carry rifle), I get the impression that you are leaning towards getting a new stock rather than a brake. I can only tell you that if you take a snap shot in woods conditions with a brake and no hearing protection- you'll only do it once. There is another recent thread here, a reader called Jim passionately dislikes brakes because of the risks. I am somewhat in the same camp. I try to reserve the use of muzzle brakes for 'absolutely have to" situations such as portable magnum medium bores.

Anyway, here is what you need to know. Your rifle is generating what I would call manageable recoil. It is getting towards the upper limit for many shooters but is still within manageable limits. So I think that stock design is where you need to be looking, stock design and shooting technique.

I once had to shoot two Howa rifles side by side in 7mm RM. One was a Howa with a Varmint stock (a rare model plastic stock), the second rifle was a Vanguard with typical monte carlo stock. The monte carlo definitely produced significantly more recoil. The trouble is, there are not many options for the Weatherby rifles. B&C for example, make the monte carlo stocks that Weatherby use on their rifles. Have a look at Boyds, they may be the best bet. If you want a glass stock, it may have to be a custom McMillan.

You mentioned that you place your hand on top of the barrel. I would prefer that you used one of the methods in the hold that forend article in the knowledge base It is also imperative that you use a sling to help keep the rifle down.

The answer will be a combination of the above Warrick- stock style and technique. You have probably already double checked that the scope is as far forwards as you can comfortably use it.


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