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Re: 7mm Blaser

14 Jan 2018
@ 01:35 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Being curious of mind, I did the google thing and found some threads from way back in'09. The consensus was "yawn", as more than one person said. Understand that these comments were from people that more than likely had never shot one, but there was one post from a European dealer/writer that posted some factory versus real world velocities. Turns out the difference was the same as what Remington, Ruger, et al. do. Sales hype, then type.

There was also some mention of no availability in North America, something about copyright and name infringements etc. Didn't really care about this, so didn't look any further.

At the time of these posts, no one had actually had a case in their hands to do any measuring, hence no one knew what the case was based on. Again, I didn't follow up to see if they ever made it to North America, and I don't see it in the manuals that I have, but that's limited.

Any idea, Jared, if these are based on an existing case? Some thought that they were just adapting Newton's case design, but weren't sure. Do you have more recent info than what I found?


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