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7mm Blaser

14 Jan 2018
@ 08:54 am (GMT)

Jared Breingan

Hey Guys
Has anyone had much experience with the 7mm Blaser. Looks like it could be a good case for getting the most out of a mag fed tikka t3.
What’s your thoughts.


14 Jan 2018
@ 01:35 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: 7mm Blaser
Being curious of mind, I did the google thing and found some threads from way back in'09. The consensus was "yawn", as more than one person said. Understand that these comments were from people that more than likely had never shot one, but there was one post from a European dealer/writer that posted some factory versus real world velocities. Turns out the difference was the same as what Remington, Ruger, et al. do. Sales hype, then type.

There was also some mention of no availability in North America, something about copyright and name infringements etc. Didn't really care about this, so didn't look any further.

At the time of these posts, no one had actually had a case in their hands to do any measuring, hence no one knew what the case was based on. Again, I didn't follow up to see if they ever made it to North America, and I don't see it in the manuals that I have, but that's limited.

Any idea, Jared, if these are based on an existing case? Some thought that they were just adapting Newton's case design, but weren't sure. Do you have more recent info than what I found?
14 Jan 2018
@ 04:20 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 7mm Blaser
a friend of mine actually shoots a 7mm blaser he uses a blaser rifle and ch4d dies from memory.
i think its touch quicker then the 7mm rem mag, he hates belts for some reason so he's got few oddball calibers because of that.
i always tease him that one day ill turn up with a 240 weatherby that has the most pointless belt just to annoy him.

so from my understanding the 7mm blaser is based on the 404 jeff case. the family based on this case includes saum,wsm, nosler and rum.
the 7mm blaser is actually shorter then both the 30 blaser and 338 blaser. i wonder if the did this for barrel life, as nosler seems to have pretty much used same case from 26-36 nosler

the 7mm blaser is in between the wsm and 7 rem mag in length.
i think the nosler is catching on i don't think the blaser ever will.
the nosler is pretty much a 2.5" rum.

hopefully these pictures work
14 Jan 2018
@ 10:04 pm (GMT)

Jared Breingan

Re: 7mm Blaser
The case diameter is smaller than wsm saum rum cases. Same diameter as 375 ruger and ruger compact magnum cases which is similar to the belt diameter on a rem mag. So would fit nicely in the tikka long action mag with out any mods. Standard coal I think is round 3.3”. I think it would be a nice fit with the likes of a 162 eld m and the 180 shouldn’t have to be seated to far into the case either. Velocity from what I can gather would be similar to better than the 7mm rem mag. I heard the Norma brass is good. Haven’t seen much choice on the die front.
15 Jan 2018
@ 04:38 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 7mm Blaser
HI jared it appears we are both wrong
At base
Ruger is .5320
Rum is .5500
Blaser is .544

So right in the middle

I personally would stay away from calibers that brass is hard to get.

The 7mm or 7/270wsm is a good caliber for tikka calibers
15 Jan 2018
@ 06:13 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: 7mm Blaser
Good info Thomas.

Looks like there may be a case life concern with that much taper. If dies are hard to get, you may have to make your own or go custom. Not that that is a bad thing, it's just a thing.


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