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Firearms storage police policy

12 Jan 2018
@ 11:03 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Hey New Zealand guys n gals you may want to read this. ....
Consultation - Secure storage requirements for firearm licence holders: Police policy and practice

I only just found this while looking at how to renew my license. Check it out as things are obviously going to change. Check that your safes are up to spec as far as bolt and lock thickness and spacings between hinges and locks...... The details are the things that you have to do to be in compliance. My concern is moisture control inside the big steel boxes.? Set a date alarm on your cell phone 3 months before your license expires as the Police don't notify you. They arrive an ask for your license tell you its expired keep it and remove your guns for safe keeping while you resit the license at twice the price of renewal Than if you apply before yours expires. So be responsible for the retention of your privilege to own and use of a food gathering tool.
happy new year. ...


12 Jan 2018
@ 11:26 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Firearms storage police policy
In 2010 i had to resit for mine. as I'd been overseas and it expired. Quite the unpleasant disruption to your day! So this time I'm going to do it way before it's expired
13 Jan 2018
@ 10:48 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Firearms storage police policy
Hi Warwick,

In regards to your storage requirements it could be worthwhile checking out some sultuions here in Australia. We have very strict storage requirements, not that I think that is a bad thing but still, you need to meet the standard or face the law, there is no mercy just strict rules that are never bent or broken.

I don't live in a particularly high humidity area. I have no problems with storage. Our safe is bolted to the floor and wall as it does not exceed the weight limit in order to be freestanding (300kg from mermory). The carpet from the floor sits in the bottom of the safe so it helps a little with moisture control. I have heard of many guys using quite simple solutions such as large packets of dessicant or other moisture eating devices which can be replaced at regular intervals as needed.

I have also seen more elaborate setups with hygrometers and light bulbs and fans but I wouldn't think such things are necessary unless you live in a very humid area but each to their own. Effective doesn't have to be complicated.

As for the licensing side of things that is very disappointing. Even here we get reminders and even the paper is sent out to shooters and mostly it is prefilled where appropriate.

Best of luck with it
13 Jan 2018
@ 08:08 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Firearms storage police policy
got spot checked the other night...first time ever.
have now fitted 2nd lock on cabinet so now has a key padlock and a comination lock...shouldv'e done it years ago.
at end of day keep em locked up and safe,if the bad guys want to get them we should do our best to make it hard work.
13 Jan 2018
@ 09:09 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Firearms storage police policy
Yeah Mike. For sure. I'm all for securing them . I keep bolts ammo and rifle locked in three separate places so only I know and have access to use them if they are stolen no bolts or ammo or magazine. Crimms could still use them as a club maybe?
We all need to review this so that Mr plod has no reason to revoke your license.
14 Jan 2018
@ 04:55 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Firearms storage police policy
hi Warwick i had to go through this in 2017 it was easy enough, arms officer was very good as most are.
i had massive delays, i actually applied well in advance before they sent a letter as i heard there was delays.
i ended up having no licence for a month or two which i seemed more concerned about then the police.
but all in all it went smoothly enough

i think for storage for safes it would be nice if we had a standard like plumbing and electrical fixtures.
that way you know the safe is up to it.

now the bit that concerns me is the arms act hasn't changed but the police has removed mountain safety and have rewritten the arms code or are trying to without changing the law.
this is the code as stands.
Licence holders must take reasonable steps to secure
firearms against theft. These steps include:
– Locking your firearm away in
- A lockable cabinet, container or receptacle of ‘stout
construction’ i.e. strong enough to stop a child or
casual opportunist thief getting access. Putting a lock
on a cupboard, wardrobe or gun-case is not enough.
Generally, the cabinet/container must be used for
storing firearms only.
i see in the new draft they saying they want the safe to with stand handtools for ten minutes which is a pretty tall order really.

few other things which of concern is putting semi auto's in a subcategory, saying that certain storage is ok for bolt actions etc but not semi auto's.
part of me thinks that if we got this E category it makes more sense to class all semi auto's as E cat as it would then be categorized on function not looks but on the other hand if you have been deemed a safe and proper person are you really any more dangerous with a semi auto then a bolt action?

oh well best of luck and remember to keep list of serial numbers of firearms somewhere so if the worse happens you can give full details of each rifle

15 Jan 2018
@ 12:50 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Firearms storage police policy
Thanks Thomas good to know about the delay. Mine doesn't expire until the end of the year. I know a lot of guy's have been caught out and not bothered to renew out of dissent. Because of the way they where treated by the system. It's almost like the rules are made to slowly and quietly reduce the number of people who want to own a firearm. I'm pretty sure that the police don't have to be licensed to use a firearm because they're a sworn officer of the law.
Quote. From Wikipedia ..
"There are exemptions from the need for a licence for police, military and related occupations, and for the use of firearms when closely supervised by licence-holders. In addition certain types of firearms - such as humane killers, tranquiliser guns, flare pistols, antiques - may be used and possessed without a licence.

The statutory basis for licensing of firearms use in New Zealand is laid out in the Arms Act and Arms Regulations.[2] The act is administered by the New Zealand Police, according to policies documented in their Arms Manual 2002.[3]"....end quote.

I think that they should have too! Then we all have to abide by the same set of rules. The law should apply to all of the people of the land regardless of your position in society otherwise we become like the "Animal farm state "...... All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others!!!! If you don't Identify your target beyond ALL REASONABLE DOUBT. You should have to face the full force of the law regardless of who you are and what you where doing. ......Accountability for your thoughts, feelings, actions and the consequences of choices made by them should be laid firmly on the person using the firearm. Maybe there's a legal loop hole in allowing an unlicensed officer or soldiers to kill without one? I guess it is the same thing as police speeding to stop people from speeding? I just have a thing about fairness and that leading by example is possibly the best way to get people to work with you not against you were the goal is to have a safe and caring population. What do you think of having a town community gun safe storage complex. No guns in your home . The bolts and magazines you keep and you just have to collect the weapon before you go hunting. You'd still have a safe at home for overnight security but the most of the time they stay in the community safe?
The fact that people kill people with anything they can get there hands on is another topic and education about anger hurt and emotional pain needs to be talked and expressed in a positive way in your formative years to get people feeling ok about talking about feelings. Not in a patronizing way but in a no Bs constructive way.... geezers I go on a bit . Cheers every one food for thought I guess?


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