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I'm Fustrated

16 Dec 2017
@ 09:26 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

I have been shooting since I was a grommet and am now pushing to be a senior, I remember smuggling my 22lr auto into boarding school for a trip to another boys farm for the holidays. Happy memories. Anyway after discovering Nathans web site I have learned more in the last 5 years than the all the years since being a grommet.

Anyway in all of Nathans books he tells us its a lottery in regards to factory barrels. I have been lucky.

I have just returned form the range and getting to know my new Winchester Coyote Light in 243. I've lapped the bolt and nothing else except lightening the stock MOA trigger, still crap at abot 3lb but I still manageged to shoot 0.5 moa with 95gr SST and 2209 with Winchester Brass, Lee collet and Wilson seating VLD stem die.

My other rifles all shoot 0.5moa or less ar 100 yards. Lithgow 22lr plastic stock, lightened trigger by gunsmith. Remington VSSF 223 with jewel BR trigger, Remington SPS SS 300WM with B&C sporter stock, bedded with Jewel trigger, My old Ruger #1 in 375H&H even shot 1moa.

But my Remington SS Mountain Rifle, bedded, Jewel trigger in 7mm08 kicks as much as my 300WM and after over 200 round of 162gr A-Max I stll cannot get it to shoot under 1 moa using Norma Brass, Redding Competition dies and 3 different powders. 8208, 2208 and 2209. The best was 8208 way over pressue at 2750fps.

So time to regroup and fix this stubborn rifle. Plan is to keep it as 7mm08 and 162gr ELD-M.
TruFlight #4 0.70 inch 1:9 twist, 21inches long and a new stock.

Just bloody frustrating


17 Dec 2017
@ 03:25 am (GMT)

Mike R

Re: I'm Fustrated
Some are just like that frustrating as hell, you end up with five or 6 different boxes of bullets, 3 or 4 different powders you have no use for, hours wasted on reloading and range time for no result. I have a 7 mm rem mag that shoots MOA with factory Winchester supreme and can shoot a few different load combinations to 3/4 as long as they are slow. Every time I try to up the velocity groups blow out. As I don’t shoot it that often I gave up trying to reload for it and just use factory rounds. Luckily that’s been my only one I have had trouble with, I reload 223 1/2 inch groups, 22-250 .3 inch groups 243 into .2s and my 303 runs around 3/4 and they are all at a fair clip for there caliber
Mind you I haven’t tried bedding the 7mm but I have not used it in 2 or 3 years and thinking of selling it, maybe get a 10 shot 308 or that Jungle Carbine I’ve always wanted. Bet I’d use those a fair bit more and having a 10 shot mag is more appropriate for what I need
17 Dec 2017
@ 07:26 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: I'm Fustrated
Hi Mark, there was a definite problem with this lot of rifles. As best as I can discern, it was due to poor heat treatment. The fluted barrel should have been double heat treated but I doubt this occured due to costs. So yes, the simple fix is a rebarrel.

The best I have been able to get out of the dud barrels is 2400fps for about .7" Still just as effective as the Lee Enfield but not what one would expect from a 7mm-08.

The 7mm-08 is not quite as efficient as the .308 (eg differences in powder used) so have a think about a slightly lighter (Sako Hunter / Howa 1500) contour at 24". Having said this, a 21" 7mm-08 can be very effective out to considerable distances.
20 Dec 2017
@ 11:49 pm (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: I'm Fustrated
can really understand your frustration Mark
cant you take it back and let them look it over? and if the barrel is faulty replace at there end, I wouldn't just except it as it is just something that happens
if the problem is there heat treatment regime as Nathan says "a simple fix" it really says a lot about there quality doesn't it
what about the rest of the rifle, how good is the workmanship, do you really know?
hope it works out for you
regards Mark


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