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7mm-08 vs .308 for hunting

14 Dec 2017
@ 02:32 pm (GMT)

Aussie Hunter

How do the .308 and 7mm-08 compare as hunting rounds? Just these 2 using premium ammo or hand-loads. Just on general performance, ability to put down game and hunt most things inside 200m with 300m being at a stretch. Pigs, goats, deer or anything that would reasonably be hunted with either under the right conditions

I have a .308 sporter and know the reasons why it is practical , cheap, effective and common My fascination with the 7mm-08 came about years ago when I first wanted a hunting rifle bigger than the .222 I was using. I read a lot of stuff and thought the short action suited me and in some state sa .270 dia bullet is required to shoot some deer species . So the 7mm-08 sounded great. I was offered a Wildcat where someone had blown out .243 cases to use .270 bullets. To his own specs! it worked and he had load data and he was knowledgeable but I t wasn't for me.
i might be able to buy a 7mm-08 barrel pulled from a new rifle and convert my .308. then i would buy a .308 pump action to use up my old components right!
So apples for apples is the 7mm-08 on par with the .308 for hunting?? I think it is supposed to penetrate better? I have a 7mm-08 Tikka CTR and im happy with the performance but I don't go in depth doing testing etc. see pest shoot it.


16 Dec 2017
@ 12:50 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: 7mm-08 vs .308 for hunting
Everyone in our family have used both the 7mm-08 and .308 Winchester to take a good number of elk, moose and mule as well as whitetailed deer.

I tend to prefer good bullets like the Nosler partitions for these, however my grandchildren shot a moose, an elk and a huge whitetail this year using their .308 Win and 165 grain Hornady SST bullets with well placed shots all three animals dropped with no running at all. (The moose when hit, jumped up, stood still for about two seconds and dropped)

My favourite is my 7mm Remington Magnum as I do on occasion spot trphy elk a bit far out for either the 308 or 7mm-08. Within reasonable range, say up to around 400 yards, I would use either of them again.

One friend sold his old favourite 300 Winchester Magnum and bought one of the Sako 85 Carbon Lite rifles in 7mm-08 and this year took an extremely large moose as well as a big elk. His wife used the same rifle and took a second large elk. They do not handload and are using Nosler Accubond factory ammunition. reporting no issues at all with shots all under 250 yards or so.

I hope this helps you. You might however be interested to know the recoil of their Sako, while signifcant due to its light weight has not proven to be an issue even for his small wife and neice.

If I were to buy another .308 or 7mm-08 it would be another one of the Howa 1500 Alpine Mountain Rifles. Out of the box a great stock and the 5.7 pound rifle with 20" barrel and a Nightforce Compact scope and mounts adding a tad more weight shoots into 1/2 to 3/4 moa off the bench using sandbags with my handloads. This is with Lapua brass, Hodgdon Varget and Nosler parititions
My real reason for getting it was for longer treks into the mountains where the 7mm Rem Mag these days is just a wee bit much espeically when packing out game meat, but these little rifles get the job done and I have grown fond of them.
31 Dec 2017
@ 07:18 am (GMT)

Kenneth Kephart

Re: 7mm-08 vs .308 for hunting
I'm shooting a Stevens 200 that I re-chambered to 7mm-08AI.

I prefer the 7mm simply due to the higher BC bullets available.

This year took a large white tail doe at 413 yards. Used a 140gr. Berger VLD Hunting over a charge of Alliant PP2000.
She somehow made it 20 yards before falling. Heart in 2 pieces, lungs both destroyed. Jacket found under hide on off side.

With my custom Mauser in 284 Win, I'm using 150gr. Hornady ELDX.
My 7mm Rem Mag I'm using 150gr. Nosler ABLR.


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